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Dinise Tang 

Loan Processor
As our Loan Processor, she is detail oriented and she diligently works with her clients to guide them through the loan process, making it an easy and seamless experience. Her previous experience at a credit union and the knowledge she's gained working at another mortgage company has given her the confidence to navigate the loan process and enjoy the work she does at Myers Capital Hawaii. Dinise graduated from Pace University, New York City with a Bachelor's in Finance. In the year that she started her Masters in Special Education at Touro College, New York City, Dinise had her son and she and her husband decided to move back to Hawaii with their two dogs. She enjoys playing with her dogs, spending time with her family on the weekends and, when she has free time, she loves to travel. For her, it's all about every detail in life and she learns and grows with everyone she meets.