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Your Investment Property Lending Partner

Build Wealth with investment property

Purchasing residential property for investment purposes can be a good way of generating income and building wealth. Besides cash flow, rental property owners can benefit from tax advantages and capital appreciation in the long-term, enhancing the value of their investment. Many rental property loans require no personal income verification. Qualification is based on the property's estimated rental income.

For investors looking to buy and sell, fix and flip loans can be used to finance and upgrade a property that needs work, allowing the borrower to sell it for a profit a short time later. Borrowers in need of interim financing before they secure a longer-term mortgage may consider a bridge loan. These short-term loans can be used to finance a fix and flip property, purchase a second property before the first one is sold, or provide time to qualify for a conventional loan.

Our Loan Programs

We offer a wide range of loan programs to finance non-owner-occupied investment properties at competitive rates and terms, including access to hard money and private money lenders. We provide mortgage financing in 48 states, helping investors throughout the country.

Bridge Loans

Short-term financing for investors seeking capital for quick purchases or refinances with minimal rehab needed.

Fix and Flip

Short-term loans to purchase, rehab and sell distressed properties. Finance up to 100% of purchase and rehab budget.


Long-term loans to purchase or refinance rental properties. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) qualification is based on a property’s rental income versus a borrower’s personal income.  

short-term/ vacation rentals

Long-term loans to purchase or refinance short-term rentals and vacation homes including condotels.


Finance two or more rental properties across multiple states with a single loan.

multi-family properties

Finance a wide range of five-plus-unit residential properties from stabilized property to distressed units in need pf upgrades to increase their value for higher rents.


       Short-term loans for builders with shovel-ready lots or teardown projects seeing to build and retain the property as a rental.    



Tap into the equity of an existing investment home and use the funds to purchase another investment property. Equity from multiple properties can be combined to finance the next property.  

real estate

Financing designed to help investors purchase or renovate commercial property or refinance real estate debt on an already-owned property. These include income-producing multi-family dwellings (5+ units) and property mainly used for business activities, such as office buildings, retail spaces, apartment complexes. 

We are Committed to Your Success

We are more than just a mortgage broker. As a relationship-based, family-owned company, we believe in partnering with our clients to help them achieve their real estate investment goals with an outstanding customer service experience.


We will efficiently generate approvals to help you place strong, timely offers on properties you’re interested in acquiring.


Our streamlined application makes it easy for you to apply, get approved, and fund the loan to efficiently close your deal.

reliable lending partner

With more than 25 years of experience, we will partner with you and provide creative lending solutions with excellent customer service.

Get Your Loan Funded and Deal Closed

Our seasoned mortgage experts can find the right loan to finance your next investment property. Reach out to us at 808-566-6611 for a no-cost consultation.