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now is the time to refinance!

Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinance your existing home loan and lower your monthly payment, interest rate, and loan term. Tap into equity by taking cash out to fund home renovations, cover college tuition, or consolidate debt. Our mortgage advisors will work with you to find the right loan program to help you achieve your financial goals.  



Rate and term refinancing involves changing the interest rate, term, or both of a current mortgage while maintaining the principal balance. An interest rate drop results in a reduction of the interest portion of your monthly payment and, depending on the term selected, would likely decrease your monthly payment.          

Cash-out refinancing            

Cash-out refinancing replaces a current loan with a new, larger loan. This allows you to keep part of your home’s equity as cash to fund home renovations, consolidate debt, pay for college tuition, or cover a financial emergency.

Refinancing Benefits*

- Lower your monthly payment and increase your cash flow
- Tap into e
quity and get cash for home upgrades and repairs
- Consolidate debt like high-interest credit cards
- Pay for college tuition without taking out student loans
- Eliminate private mortgage insurance

- Shorten loan term and pay off your mortgage sooner while saving on interest
- Convert to a fixed-rated loan for a predictable payment amount
- Invest in real estate or other business opportunities

Contact Us for a No-Obligation Consultation

Our experienced mortgage advisors can determine if refinancing can help meet your financial goals. Call us at 808-566-6611.