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A Remarkable Mortgage Company

Today's Mortgage Rates*

15 Year Fixed
30 Year Fixed
15 YR Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan

rate 3.375%

rate 4.125%

rate 3.625%

apr 3.665%

apr 4.246%

apr 3.862%

The Interest Rates, Expertise and Service You Deserve

Myers Capital celebrates its 20th anniversary as an award winning, family owned mortgage lending company. With an all-encompassing approach to solving your real estate financing needs, we specialize in providing residential home loans, commercial mortgages, and real estate advisory services.

Whether you are an existing homeowner looking to refinance or leverage your equity, a first time home buyer, or even a seasoned real estate investor, we provide mortgage solutions and expert guidance.


 Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

imageFor many homeowners in Hawaii, they may have tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in untapped equity. Your home equity is like a savings account that grows as your existing mortgage balance goes down and your home value rises. However, you can’t touch it unless you sell your home or utilize a home equity loan program.  The cash from a home equity loan could open up vast opportunities—from investing in other real estate, large renovation or construction projects, to business opportunities, debt consolidation, and even elderly care. 

If you’re borrowing tens of thousands of dollars, you do not want to expose yourself to an adjustable rate that many HELOCS (home equity line of credit) have  where rates can adjust up to 19%. Our Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan offers homeowners safety and consistency. We're here to help you realize your personal vision for the future without the uncertainty of your interest rate and payments increasing.

Contact us today to learn more and get into your dream home today! 

What Makes Us Different


Competitive Rates

Since the beginning, our philosophy has been built around delivering the lowest possible interest rates to our clients.




We educate our clients with full transparency on how their loan prices out, how lenders traditionally make their money, and what the banks don't want you to know.



We still think it’s incredibly important to have live communication with our clients. We pride ourselves on phone calls never going to voicemail and you can always count getting a local person, immediately on the line.



Mortgage planning

Any lender can provide a loan. We pride ourselves on providing strategic guidance to make sure your short and long term financial goals will be met.





 Refinancing and Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans



We provide competitive and flexible purchase programs to allow you to obtain  your desired home in the islands.


Real Estate Agents & Investors

We work with knowledgeable real estate agents who want to give their clients an upper hand when making offers and investors as a strategic partner during acquisition of both long term hold and fix and flip properties.