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A Remarkable Mortgage Company

refinance now while rates are still low

tap into home equity | Take Cash Out

Take advantage of historically low interest rates. Refinance your existing home loan and lower your monthly payment, interest rate, and loan term. Tap into equity by taking cash out to fund home renovations, cover college tuition, or consolidate debt. Our mortgage advisors will work with you to find the right loan program to help you achieve your financial goals.

The Interest Rates, Expertise and Service You Deserve

Myers Capital Hawaii celebrates more than 20 years an award-winning, family-owned mortgage company. Since 1998, we specialize in residential home loans, commercial mortgages, and real estate advisory services, helping thousands of borrowers to purchase a home or refinance an existing loan.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an existing homeowner looking to refinance, a seasoned real estate investor, or business owner who needs capital, Myers Capital Hawaii takes an all-encompassing approach in providing mortgage solutions and expert guidance to find the right loan program while helping you meet your real estate financing needs and achieve your overall financial goals.

VA Loans
Low or no down payment. Competitive rates. No monthly mortgage insurance. Flexible qualification guidelines. VA Home Loan, VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance (IRRRL) or VA Cash-Out Refinance.

Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loans
Lower, fixed interest rate and monthly payments. Cash for home renovations and repairs. Increase the value of your home. Consolidate debt. Pay for college tuition. Cover financial emergencies.

Our Competitive rates

We offer mortgage rates that are frequently 0.25% to 0.5% lower than banks and other lending institutions, helping you obtain a loan at the best rate and costs.


15 Year Fixed

 2.000% rate  2.318% apr

30 Year Fixed

2.625% rate  2.798% apr

15 Year Fixed-Rate
Home Equity

2.125% rate  2.443% apr

VA 30 Year Fixed

2.250% rate  2.387% apr

What makes us special?

We are more than just a mortgage company. We offer superior home loan services with financial planning guidance to help borrowers determine how buying a home or refinancing fits their current and future plans. Our company philosophy is dedicated to developing a mortgage investment plan that works with life milestones to educate and help borrowers to meet their overall financial goals. Whether you are about to experience a marriage, home buying, new children, or retirement, while considering a home loan, we can provide guidance to help you shape a healthier financial future. 


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Why choose myers capital hawaii?


Competitive Rates

Our company philosophy has been built around delivering the lowest possible interest rates and costs to our clients. Our mortgage rates are frequently 0.25% to 0.5% lower than banks and other lending institutions.  




We educate our clients with full transparency on how interest rates and costs are determined for their specific situation. Why they qualify for a certain amount, and if needed, what steps are needed to improve their qualifications for the future. 



We still think it’s incredibly important to have live communication with our clients. We are committed to phone calls never going to voicemail and always having someone available for you to speak with.



Mortgage planning

Any good lender can provide a loan. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and providing strategic guidance to make sure your short and long term financial goals are met.





 Refinancing and Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans



We provide competitive and flexible purchase programs to allow you to obtain  your desired home in the islands.


Real Estate Agents & Investors

We work with knowledgeable real estate agents who want to give their clients an upper hand when making offers and investors as a strategic partner during acquisition of both long term hold and fix and flip properties.

Our Mortgage Products 


Conventional 30, 20, 15 and 10 Year Fixed
VA and VA Jumbo  
Jumbo and Super Jumbo up to $10 Million
40-Year Fixed Rate – Interest Only
First-Time Home Buyer programs
Non-Permanent Resident Alien/Foreign National
Investor Fix and Flip Loans

Non-Warrantable Condos


Apartment Buildings, Office and Retail
Bridge Loans
Discounted Payoffs (DPO)
Note Purchases

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