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Your new best friend in the mortgage industry

Welcome to the Myers Capital Family

As a family owned company, our core values are centered around exactly that. Family. We guide, educate, and care for you as we would our own. You are a priority - with phone calls that are personally answered and we are always available for a face-to-face conversation.


For over 20 years, Myers Capital has delivered the most competitive interest rates, many times .25% -.5% lower than any bank or lending institution. The equation is simple, with high quality loan requests, borrowers are considered low risk, therefore the lowest interest rates and closing costs can be offered.

Obtaining a mortgage with the lowest rate is only one piece of the puzzle. Myers Capital is dedicated to educating and developing a mortgage investment plan that works with the many milestones in life while complimenting your personal financial goals.

Reed Kawai Myers Photo

Reed Kawai Myers


Rochelle Martinho Photo

Rochelle Martinho

Office Manager

Jade Waiwaiole Photo

Jade Waiwaiole

Loan Processing Manager

Kendall Naya Photo

Kendall Naya

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Tara Weston Photo

Tara Weston

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Jeremiah Blake Photo

Jeremiah Blake

Mortgage Advisor

Jannelle Guillermo Photo

Jannelle Guillermo

Mortgage Advisor

Burton Kong Photo

Burton Kong

Marketing Specialist

Sharlene Aoki Photo

Sharlene Aoki

Senior Loan Processor

Joan Abaricia-Suga Photo

Joan Abaricia-Suga

Senior Loan Processor

Dinise Tang Photo

Dinise Tang

Loan Processor

Lisa Fasano Photo

Lisa Fasano

Loan Processor

Michiyo Pendleton Photo

Michiyo Pendleton

Loan Coordinator

Gerard Magbojos Photo

Gerard Magbojos

Loan Coordinator

Tifanny Cayading Photo

Tifanny Cayading

Loan Coordinator

Linsday Rusinko Photo

Linsday Rusinko

Loan Coordinator

Tony Garcia Photo

Tony Garcia

Loan Coordinator

Kristen Poei Photo

Kristen Poei

Loan Coordinator