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2022 Conforming Loan Limits Thumbnail

2022 Conforming Loan Limits

The 2022 conforming limits for conventional mortgages were announced today by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Hawaii falls in a high-cost area and has a base loan limit that rose to nearly $1 million from the current $822,375.

2022 High-Cost Area Loan Limits – Hawaii Properties:  
- One-unit property: $970,800
- Two-unit property: $1,243,050
- Three-unit property: $1,502,475
- Four-unit property: $1,867,275

These 2022 higher loan limits for Hawaii and other high-cost areas are set at 150% of the national conforming loan limit, which starts at $647,200. Loan limits are tied to median home prices and 2021 featured strong sales and rising prices. In fact, the average sales price topped $1 million for the first time in Hawaii history. It occurred in the month of August 2021, when the median price of a single-family home on Oahu reached $1,050,000.

Higher loan limits allow borrowers to use conventional loans to make a purchase or refinance an existing loan without the need for a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans (non-conforming loans) have higher interest rates, increased costs, a larger down payment, and have more stringent credit and overall qualification requirements.

2022 conforming loan limits are available by clicking here.

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