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Myers Capital Hawaii Opens New Virginia Branch Thumbnail

Myers Capital Hawaii Opens New Virginia Branch

March 1, 2022

Myers Capital Hawaii Opens New Virginia Branch Providing Residential and Commercial Mortgages

HONOLULU – Myers Capital Hawaii, a locally-owned 24-year-old company offering residential and commercial mortgages, recently announced the opening of a new branch office in Virginia. Named Myers Capital Virginia, the branch is headed by manager Tara Weston, a Senior Mortgage Advisor with more than 8 years of residential and commercial lending experience.

Myers Capital Virginia offers a wide range of mortgage programs for residential and commercial real estate, including traditional home purchases, fix and flip bridge loans, and home equity loans.

“We have been looking to expand our mortgage services from Hawaii to the U.S. Mainland and Virginia was a top choice for us due to its robust housing and jobs market,” says Reed Myers, Principal of Myers Capital Hawaii and Myers Capital Virginia. “We are focused on helping borrowers with their real estate financing needs with a wide range of products at highly competitive rates backed by our excellent service standards.”

Myers Capital Virginia serves Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach areas. Their products can be used to finance the purchase of residential homes, investment properties, and other income-producing real estate including apartment complexes.

Myers Capital Virginia provides financing for commercial properties including office buildings, retail spaces and warehouses. These loans are designed to help business owners and investors purchase commercial property, renovate or creatively restructure their debt.

The Virginia branch is managed by Tara Weston, who began her mortgage career with Myers Capital Hawaii. She started as a loan processor, moving up to mortgage advisor, and now branch manager. A graduate of Virginia Tech, Tara specializes in residential and commercial mortgage lending.

“Myers Capital Virginia is a relationship-based mortgage company offering more than just financing for clients to buy homes or investors looking to build a real estate portfolio,” says Reed. “A key benefit that we provide to all clients is expert mortgage planning, which is designed to help borrowers meet both their real estate financing needs and overall financial goals. We provide guidance to help clients properly structure their real estate financing with their life goals.”

To learn more about the Virginia branch, visit www.myerscapitalvirginia.com or call 804-404-2202.

Since 1998, Myers Capital Hawaii is a leading locally-owned mortgage and financial services company offering residential and commercial mortgages with real estate advisory services. The company helps a wide range of borrowers from first-time homebuyers to existing homeowners looking to refinance and real estate investors to business owners who need capital. As a family-owned, relationship-driven company, Myers Capital Hawaii takes an all-encompassing approach in providing mortgage solutions and expert guidance to find the right loan program to help clients achieve their short- and long-term real estate and financial goals. Find out more at myerscapitalhawaii.com or visit @myerscapitalhawaii on Facebook and Instagram.

Myers Capital Virginia, a subsidiary and branch of Myers Capital Hawaii, offers residential and commercial mortgages to Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach areas. Find out more at myerscapitalvirginia.com or visit @myerscapitalvirginia on Facebook and Instagram.

Reed Myers, Principal
Myers Capital Hawaii
Phone: 808-566-6611
Email: reed@myerscapital.com

A PDF of this press release can be downloaded here.