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New TV Commercials Focus on How We Help Clients Meet their Mortgage Goals Thumbnail

New TV Commercials Focus on How We Help Clients Meet their Mortgage Goals

Myers Capital Hawaii is proud to release two new TV commercials that showcase how the residential and commercial mortgage company helps their clients achieve their real estate financing needs. The 30-second spots feature the theme, “Let’s see what we can do for you,” and include testimonials from actual clients with appearances by employees, including company principal Reed Myers.  

The first TV spot features clients Meredith Ross, and Ronald and Sylvia Young. Ross, a paralegal, had a construction loan to build a home and now needed a regular mortgage, which usually has better rates and terms than construction financing. Myers Capital Hawaii helped Ross replace her construction loan with a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage. She later refinanced the mortgage to a lower rate, enjoying reduced monthly payments. She then wanted to tap into her home’s equity and requested a cash-out refinance, using the funds to start a business with her son.

Ronald Young is a local Realtor who has used Myers Capital Hawaii to finance his clients’ home purchases and his personal mortgage with his wife, Sylvia. Like buying a home, a mortgage transaction can be an involved process and relies on seasoned professionals to assist clients for a smooth lending experience. “We enjoyed working with Reed at Myers Capital Hawaii. He made us feel comfortable throughout the loan process,” explains Ronald.

The second TV spot showcases client Emmanuel S. Tipon, a local immigration attorney. Tipon requested to refinance the loan on his condominium in Waikiki. Myers Capital Hawaii was able to refinance his current loan to a new one with a better rate with more favorable terms, lowering his monthly payment and saving on overall interest costs. The company took the time to assess his situation, and explain loan options that would best fit his needs. “Myers Capital Hawaii gave me a brief education on mortgages, and through the education obtained, I was able to achieve my real estate goals, which was to keep my condominium in Waikiki,” says Tipon.

Myers Capital Hawaii offers residential and commercial mortgages, business financing, and real estate advisory services. Since 1998, we take an all-encompassing approach by providing expert mortgage planning to help clients meet not just their real estate financing needs but also their overall financial goals. It’s what differentiates us as a relationship-based, customer-first mortgage company.