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Purchase Your Home With 1% Down Thumbnail

Purchase Your Home With 1% Down

As one of the first independent mortgage companies in the country to offer a 1% down conventional loan program, we are incredibly proud to bring this product to our local market.  This program will have tremendous effects on the ability for potential homeowners to purchase property with less money down, while gaining an immediate equity boost that can help build true real estate wealth.

This program is designed for homebuyers who have taken good care of their credit, have a strong track record of employment and income, but do not have the typical 5%-20% down payment required by most loan programs.   Until now, one of the few low down payment options (for non-veterans) was the FHA loan program.  The standard FHA program however, typically has  large upfront mortgage insurance costs along with monthly mortgage insurance throughout the life of the loan. This will add thousands of dollars in closing costs during the acquisition and hundreds of dollars to your monthly payment.  Our new 1% program requires zero upfront mortgage insurance, the option of no monthly mortgage insurance, all on a long term 30 year fixed rate.


Let’s look into a $500,000 purchase price scenario. In this example, you would be required to come up with roughly $5,000 (1% x $500,000).  There will then be a $10,000 (2% x $500,000) lender contribution, to add to your $5,000 down payment.   Because of this contribution, you will only need to borrow $485,000 ($500,000 - $15,000). 

When you move into your new home, you owe $485,000, and your property is likely valued at $500,000. Remember that equity is the difference between what you owe and what your property is worth.  You now have $15,000 in instant equity that you only contributed $5,000 towards.  This immediately puts you into a stronger financial position than almost any other low down payment option available today.

Call one of our mortgage advisors today to find out how our program can make your vision of homeownership a reality and set you on the path to a strong financial future.