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“My husband let me know we could refinance our home with Myers and save money on the interest the other day with more savings on the closing costs than previously expected. I’m very happy.”
Ratana T.

“Reed Myers and the entire staff provide everything you need in the whole entire process. The feeling of Ohana while helping you to provide what is necessary to successfully complete your needs. Both Joan and Tifany were very helpful throughout. Reed was very instrumental in following the current rates and notifying those who qualified to lower their rates which was a savings in itself. I recommend Myers Capital to everyone looking for quality service.”
William L.

“Reed Myers and his staff got me a mortgage on a property that local banks would not finance. With their knowledge, experience, and contacts, they put together a loan application that got me a great loan.”
Young Realty, LLC

“Refinanced my mortgage several times with Myers Capital. Reed always finds the best interest rates which is better that most banks. His staff is awesome!”
Bobby T.

“My refinance went smoothly. All of my concerns were addressed promptly. Nice staff and very helpful.”
Janice B.

“I've used Myers Capital Hawaii three different times to help refinance my mortgage. All three times I’ve had good experiences with the people I've worked with at Myers.”
Daniel P., May 2021

“I have nothing but good reviews on Myers. I saw the ad in the newspaper and called to make an appointment. I was rather lucky to receive the services from the boss, Reed Myers. He did a credit check then he started the paperwork. In about a month, my refinance was completed and I walked away with a 2.86 loan and saved a lot of money. I highly recommend Myers.”
Billy E.

“Thank you very much Kendall Naya and Sharlene Aoki. I called them the MIRACLE WORKERS. I was totally impressed by their service. Kendall Naya is a wonderful miracle agent at Myers Capital. If it wasn't for him I would not have gotten a much lower interest rate on my mortgage. He was there 24/7 whenever I had a question and was very patient with us during our refinancing. I can't thank him enough for all his hard work and for always being there whenever we needed him. Sharlene Aoki is the sweetest and such a wonderful person. She worked really, fast processing our loan and did a terrific job which we were totally surprised how fast it went through. Everything went so smoothly and it was easy working with both of Myers Capital Hawaii Agents. Thank you.”
Karen F.

“Reed and staff go the extra mile to help local families refinance at the best possible rates. Reed takes the time to explain available options and thoroughly addresses any concerns you might have. Down to earth, friendly....the best refi experience!”
Diane M.

“We had refinanced our mortgage just under a year ago, but the rates dropped and it was inevitable that we'd do it again. I was dreading the long, tedious process and was concerned that the rates would climb back up before we could get everything finalized. Was it really going to be worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Steve Barnes and Reed Myers handled the transaction smoothly and expeditiously. I never imagined that refinancing could be so uncomplicated. We would recommend Meyers Capital to anyone who's buying or refinancing their home. Thank you for the excellent service!”
Marci M.

“When we need help to refinance our house, Myers Capital Hawaii made it easy for us, guiding us all the way and then they continue to keep in touch to see how they can help us!
Julie G.

“Myers Capital has been our "go-to" mortgage company. We have used their excellent services many times for initial and refi mortgages. Myers has been able to get us the best rates for our primary residence, VA loan and also our investment property loans.”
Christine N.

“We have used Myers Capital several times and Reed and his staff have always been very professional and competent in completing all requirements of our finance needs. We would highly recommend using Myers Capital and plan to use them for any future financing needs.”
Douglas G.

“The personal trust and care that Reed Meyers and his staff is unprecedented. They all are truly looking out for our best interests and deals. I never felt more appreciated at a business.”
Doug M.

“Myers Capital were very professional and knowledgeable in helping me get a good VA rate for refinance. Mr. Reed Myers, Jeremiah Blake and team followed up with me every step of the way and made sure everything fell into place. They had an answer to every question that I had and was more than willing to explain things when I didn’t understand. I would highly recommend Myers Capital if you need a loan. They will not disappoint!”
Nel I.

“I’ve used Myers Capital for three loans. After applying at several of the local banks and a few brokers, which were all nice for the most part, it is clear that Myers Capital makes it easiest for me to do all of the necessary paperwork with the least amount of confusion or running around. Getting a home loan is always more than it seems at first and by the time you’re near the end of the process you can easily be more than worn out. Save yourself even more headache and try Myers Capital to minimize the loan process with a good company with an empathetic and experienced leader. For each of my loans I felt that they had to go the extra mile and they did. This is my experience and I stand by it confidently.”
Michael P.

“Reed and his staff is awesome! They helped me with a new mortgage and 2 refinanced loans. Excellent customer service! They took the time to explain all my options and helped me find one that worked for my budget while saving me a bunch of money.”
Brandon Y.

“Myers Capital is a quality company, We have just completed a refinance of our primary residence and would like to thank Reed Myers, Myers Capital and specifically Jannelle G. for all the help to get this done expeditiously and smoothly. My wife and I have worked with Myers Capital for over ten years. We have done multiple refinances over these years with Myers Capital and their professionalism, knowledge, communication and courtesy has always turned these stressful transactions into an opportunity for us to become more knowledgeable and informed to improve our overall financial situation. Janelle was very knowledgable, thorough, and respectful in all our communications thru this refinance process. Janelle guided us in gathering all the required documents to present to the loan companies, to ensuring all documents were signed and correctly completed by us to eliminate any possible delays that could have affected completing this refinance with no complications. Janelle was always available to answer our concerns either thru telephone calls that same day or e-mail responses within one day if not the same day. Janelle's Courtesy, Respect, and Patience has made this a rewarding and satisfying experience.”
Samuel G.

“We wanted to take advantage of great interest rates to refinance, and reached out to Kendall at Myers Capital. We've refinanced with him in the past, and he immediately remembered us! He quickly reconfirmed our information and sent a clear list of documents that we needed to gather. Kendall and his team were very easy to work with, quick with email replies (even late at night), and made the process easy. We were handed to Sharlene to complete the processing of our loan and just like Kendall, she was quick and easy to work with. From start to finish, we refinanced in a month and are thrilled!”
Tessa G.

“This company is OUTSTANDING and that's why we’ve been using them since 2013. They helped us through simple purchases to complex purchases and several refinances. The rates that we got were the best. The staff there are amazing to work with. We highly recommend this company.”
Ronald G.

“I normally don’t do reviews. This is the second time using Myers Capital Hawaii. So, I highly recommend them. The Refi was fast and smooth. Always kept me informed on the progress of the loan. Thanks Jeremiah!”
George Y.

“I love working with the people at Myers Capital. They are always very professional and very courteous. No matter who you are working with at Myers Capital, you're sure to have a great experience. I highly recommend them.”
Meredith R.

I was very pleased with the service I received with Myers Capital. Compared to my previous experiences of refinancing I was unexpectedly impressed with the efficiency and assurance that was provided. I also very much appreciated how Tara initially printed out the options that were available with easy to understand explanations, she was also very patient to answer my many questions. When there were obstacles, Myers suggested the solution and furthermore did the leg work to help me accomplish getting a refinance at a very good rate. Mahalo to the Staff at Myers, my upcoming cruise will be a lot more enjoyable.

Sharon T.

Myers Capital was very helpful with refinancing of my mortgage with a lower interest rate. I really appreciated it when Myers Capital sent a notary to my home to complete all the signing of the loan documents and saved me the time and trouble of driving to their office. I am recommending Myers Capital to my friends and family.

E. Kurisu

To the folks at Myers Capital Hawaii, a big MAHALO! My wife and I had a very easy process when it came to securing our mortgage loan. Not only that, the rates we got were excellent and we ended up with a ton of lender credits that more than covered our closing costs. Kendall was very thorough through this process and kept himself available 24/7 in case we had any urgent issues. Jade was also very instrumental in making sure that all of our required documents were in place for this loan . Thank you again Kendall, Jade, and team for assisting my wife and I in obtaining our first home!

Chris L.

Thank you so much for doing this for us. Tara could have closed her eyes and let things go how it stood. Instead, She reached out and saved us so much money; which always helps and is appreciated on our behalf. Working with her has been simply a pleasure as she makes things so easy and her willingness to explain things goes beyond words. These days, going the extra mile isn't seen much, but with Tara's work ethic and great customer service you're bound for success. Myers is very lucky to have her. I will definitely let me friends know where to go if they need assistance.

Maika C.

Thank you very much for all of Myers Capital staff's assistance and patience. I appreciate it. Please extend my warmest thank you to all for a delicious goody basket! Wow, we never get this kind of treatment any where else! Thank you again for all you do/does. Much Aloha and Warmest Wishes.

Sharon J.

It was a great and busy time but we were glad to have you all backing us. We will definitely recommend your group to anyone who might be looking for a home. Jade was such a pleasure to work with. Her efficiency and work ethic was awesomeness! Couldn't have asked for more! Rochelle was always great to talk with and just a BIG mahalo to the whole team MYERS! ALOHA!

Z. Aana

I absolutely would recommend Myers Capital to anyone I hear that wants to refinance. Tara and the entire team were so caring, helpful and communicative. She made a novice feel very comfortable. I am thrilled it all worked out. Thank you so much.

R. Powell

I am very impressed with Myers Capital Hawaii's efficiency, great service and understanding on complicated matters. The closing was on time and all paperwork was handled electronically prior to meeting with the notary. This is what you call TECHNOLOGY. Love it!! I will be sure to recommend Myers Capital Hawaii to everyone.

Carol N.

Our experience with Myers Capital was very satisfying. Never having been involved with the process, Myers took the time to explain in detail how the process works, all the entities involved, what options we had, and provided us the opportunity to make the decision that fit our needs. They assisted and took the lead in every process to insure that it would be done in a timely manner. We never had to drive the process, or call to follow up, in fact we were the ones being reminded to get paperwork signed and documents turned in. We are so happy and are now getting ready to get our renovation underway. Thank you for the great experience with Myers Capital.

Norman M. Nohara Jr.

We were not having a good experience with our old mortgage company and wanted to refinance before we would have to pay them any more money.  So we began a search for a new lender.  We inquired with several companies, some we met with (but did have a good connection with), some took a little while to respond and some just did not respond at all.  Finally, my co-worker told me about her experience with Myers Capital.  She was pleased with their service and I decided to give them a try.  Plus my co-worker is a wonderful, intelligent person and I trust her judgement so I knew she was recommending me to a good company.

From start to finish (and even after closing) the staff at Myers Capital were WONDERFUL!
-They responded to my inquiries pretty much in the same day.  If not, it was the next day.  Communication was EXCELLENT!
-We met with them several days after my inquiry was made to talk about our goals and look over our situation.
-Tara was great at explaining the entire process and provided multiple options (on paper) of what our monthly payments would be, etc. while incorporating our goals.  In a way she was a good therapist also.  Having to go through financing for a large loan was a very hard experience for me.

Everything was spot-on and made a positive impression on me.
From the prompt response in communication, the introductions at the office with a firm handshake and offers of refreshments, to the knowledgeable/understandable guidance provided during the entire process, the stickers given by the notary to my children and parting cookies provided by Reed.  It all mattered.  And yes, I would definitely recommend this company to others just as long as they continue to provide the outstanding service my family and I received.

Kathleen Acierto

10/10 experience working with Myers Capital. They were 110% honest, transparent, and eager to work with my boyfriend and I when it came to our mortgage. From the get go, they offered us their BEST quote and provided us with many options for financing. We were fortunate enough to work with Tara Weston. She was VERY easy to talk to, VERY willing to help, and VERY knowledge. Unlike most agents from other companies, she spent time educating us, rather than just spitting out numbers and unfamiliar terms. I highly HIGHLY recommend working with Myers Capital. They have top notch customer service and most of all, they are real people, not just some money hungry company that doesn't care about YOU. We will definitely be working with Myers Capital in the future.

Dani T.

I just completed my refi with Reed and Marshell. I have to this was the easiest mortgage I've ever had. Through my 35 years of owning multiple properties I've never had one go to signing in less the ten business days....unreal! Yes Marshell was just that unreal, she kept me in the loop throughout the process helping me at every turn. What a jewel. Reed was very knowledgeable and explained all the different options available to me. He also told me things about the process that I didn't know. So if you want a great team to handle you mortgage issues contact Reed and Marshell at Myers Capital

Robert M.

I worked with Tarah from Myers Capital and received excellent service from her. She answered all my questions and I felt welcomed by her and the staff. I highly recommend Myers Capital to anyone who is looking for a mortgage company to work with!!

Daytyn Ragragola

I seen the advertisements in the Honolulu Star advertiser for many months and kept seeing the rates go up.  I was in a HELOC that had expired (after 3 years) and the interest rate was also going up.  Auwe!  What to do?  I called Myers Capital out of the blue and the people were very friendly, respectful and courteous.  I was surprised when Mr. Myers took my call and after a brief conversation assured me that they could help. How great is that!  But now, after looking over the numbers could they really deliver?  One appointment and they answered all of our questions and came up with the solution that exceeded our expectations. I like their business model.  They are experienced and know the industry very well and know how to meet expectations in both a caring and informative way.  Competitive against anything else on the market including the largest mortgage lenders in the country!  Do your homework.  I did and was pleasantly surprised.  They are a quality local company with roots in Hawaii and committed to Hawaii people.  All of the follow-up paperwork was easy and staff guided everything along the way. Just outstanding!  Mahalo nui Myers Capital.  I hope the best for you and your team.

Herb & Wendy Lee

We had an appointment with Myers Capital yesterday and worked with Tarah. We were very pleased with the service that we received it was beyond our expectations. Being new to the real estate area we had a few questions but never once felt that we were asking a little to much. In matter of fact she told us if we come up with anymore questions to feel free and email her and she'll get back to us. We can't wait to find a property and finish the deal with Tarah!! Anyone out there looking for a mortgage give Myers Capital a try you won't be disappointed!!

Garilyn S.

I had a great experience with Myers Capital. I had a lot of questions, being it was my first purchase, and everyone was so helpful and got back to me promptly. Thank you Joan for all your help.

Roland Linmark

The entire staff at Myers Capital is totally customer oriented and professional from the very start. This is the second time I have refinanced with Myers Capital and the process could not have been smoother.

Richard Nemoytin

Awesome Staff. Went beyond my expectations. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, and sincere. I will continuously recommend to friends when opportunity comes.

K. McGill

I am totally happy with everything that you all did for me and I can’t thank you enough. You made this experience easy and painless for me. You are all truly appreciated. I will definitely be recommending your company to everyone I know. I feel so much better now that this is done. You are all so awesome and I’m so blessed to have worked with each of you.

Meredith R.

My wife and I were contacted by Reid Myers and he informed us that we would qualify for a better rate. Not only is he a good guy but also very proactive in ensuring clients are taken care of. From there the experience with the Mortgage Processor (Joan) was outstanding. Kept us informed of requirements and next steps and ensured that any issues were taken care of right away. Always a pleasure to deal with Myers Capital and I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a housing move.

Vito Nozza

I have never had a more painless refinance program after having refinance 3 times previously.  They were all very personable including Reed Meyers.  They have my business forever.

Vaughn P.

All in all, I am very happy with the service I received & how the process went with Myers Capital. I evaluated several lenders in the pursuit of purchasing my home, & they went to great lengths to make sure I had all the information I needed, from the “technical” mortgage rate standpoint as well as the “common sense” standpoint. This allowed me to make an educated decision & one I’m confident will benefit my family for years to come. Additionally, the process as a whole was very straight forward, & questions were promptly addressed when they arose. So thank you to the Myers Capital team for doing what you do!

Matt Daniel

I noticed this firm's daily ads in the local newspaper and also read the company's articles in the real estate listings of the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Intrigued, I decided to check them out. In late June i had a meeting with Reed Myers to explore mortgage options for a pending condo purchase. He spend 2 hours with me and my real estate agent explaining various financing options, including a variety of interest rates, terms, down payment amounts and ways to cut down on closing costs. I was impressed by Mr. Myers' professionalism, his knowledge of the mortgage industry and his concise way of explaining the intricacies of the mortgage application process. I decided, on the basis of his expertise and insights, to go with Myers Capital. Thanks to expert processing of my application and supporting documents by loan processor Joan (with assistance of Livia), my mortgage was finalized and financed in less than six weeks! Electronic signing was used for all loan application documents, expediting the whole process. When i did have to visit their suite of offices in downtown, there was ample validated parking.

If you are interested in getting a mortgage with a competitive rate, matching your financial needs, and if you want it all to be a pleasant experience, by all means select Myers Capital without reservation. This kamaaina firm with certainly get my repeat business and that of my friends needing similar mortgage assistance. 

Marco M., Honolulu

We cannot say enough positive things about our refinancing experience with Myers Capital Hawaii. We had endured an unhappy experience with a Hawaii bank in the weeks prior, where we felt devalued as the bank repeatedly withdrew and modified their offer to the point where it was no longer feasible to continue.

We decided to contact Myers Capital Hawaii, and it was the best decision we could have made. From the moment we entered their offices, we were treated as friends. We brought all of our records and documents with us, which allowed us to be prequalified in that first meeting. We were able to walk through the options with our representative, and choose the one that most addressed our needs. The entire process was conducted smoothly in that first meeting.  All follow up processes were handled in the most courteous and professional manner.

It is not often that one can say that we received everything that we were promised, when it was promised. But that was indeed the case with Myers Capital Hawaii.A definite 5-star experience for us, with much satisfaction. Thank you Myers Capital Hawaii!

H.B and S.J.K.

We appreciate your service to us and truly believe you are the best and doing this is better than telling our friends and family because they don’t often finance houses as they own their homes already and have good mortgages.  So this was a’ole pilikia for us. Aloha, Bernie

Bernard Hvidding

I had the very best service with your organization and have recommended your services to others.  The degree of professionalism, the true feeling that you were working in my best interest was something that I was very grateful for – I did not feel like just another customer that would be pushed through for your benefit.  Instead, it felt more like I was being looked after and that my best interests were important.

L. O'Reilly

I refinanced my home mortgage in less than 45 days.  I brought in all my asset and liability records with me to my appointment with Reed Myers.  They filled in the loan application for me and we did all the signing except for the final mortgage documents via electronic signature which was very convenient for me. The team working with me including the appraiser and notary were all very prompt and efficient.  I was very pleased with the process from start to finish.

Christine S.

I just wanted to leave a short comment to say how incredibly pleased I was with the way Myers Capital handled my mortgage loan. They definitely exceeded my expectations in financing my loan. From start to finish, this by far was the simplest, fastest, and most efficient loan process that I've ever had & I've refinanced quite a few times. Reed was very knowledgeable, hardworking, and was great at communicating with me in anything he needed from me and vice versa with my needs. I really appreciate all his efforts and hard work he puts. My processor was fast, efficient, and definitely gets the job done right and I was just so very pleased to be working with the Myers Capital team. I just wanted to express my gratitude for all they did! I'll make sure to come back if I ever decide to refinance again in the future.

J. A.

We truly experienced what we feel everyone should from your lender. Reed was very informative and explained in detail each step of the Refinancing process. He fully educated us in the choosing of our Interest Rates which was customized to fit our needs and what we were comfortable with as it pertained to our budget. He made us feel like Family all the way through 'til the end. We've experienced more than our share of Financing and Refinancing during the ownerships of several properties and found that this time it was Special. Also, the Staff at MyersCapital were everything from helpful to just being attentive to all of our needs during this process. And YES , We've already advised several friends and family to choose Myers Capital as their Lender when it's time for them to take on the challenge of being a Homeowner. Sincere Mahalo! Mr./Mrs. William & Lyn Lurbe

William and Lyn Lurbe

Thank you for all your help with our loan. We are doing much better financially and your staff is so friendly and kind. Myers Capital certainly is a remarkable mortgage company May God bless you and your family and Happy New Year! 


Being a financial planner, we take our clients' situations very seriously. I have highly recommended Reed Myers of Myers Capital to assist my clients with their mortgage needs. They are extremely knowledgeable in the mortgage landscape, and I have experienced firsthand, their superior service, care and guidance. Their interest rates and programs are consistently competitive, and they always have their clients' best interest at heart. I would highly recommend working with Myers Capital.

K. Ching, Financial Planner

I received so much valuable mortgage advice and your staff is incredibly friendly, responsive, & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Myers Capital.

D. Aldrich

We had an excellent experience with Myers Capital. They helped us through two complicated refinances; Reed was extremely patient researching and explaining all the different options so we could make the best choice. The office staff is friendly and easy to work with, shepherding our loans through the obstacle course known as the loan application process.

I highly recommend Myers Capital and would definitely use them again. 

Zoe Williams

We were very pleased and impressed with the quick and streamlined application process you offered to secure a new loan for us at a better rate and terms. It was almost entirely painless and the savings are substantial. We are also delighted that you may be able to help us take advantage of even better rates at no additional cost of/when they become available.

BTW, you have a terrific team of people working with you and we appreciated all the support we received along the way. 

Teresa and Michael Vast

Although my original lender was friendly, I realized that I needed a more flexible and attentive partner to work with on my home mortgage. Myers Capital proved to be everything they said they were – attentive, efficient, on-time and under budget. For me, the pictures have to match the words – and with Myers Capital, they did!  I was totally satisfied and returned to them for two more refinances!   Mark Clark – Kailua

Mark Clark

Myers Capital consistently advertises good rates so we decided to check them out to refinance. They were warm and cordial, and also ready to get down to business. Myers and his team will carefully discuss with you your overall financial objectives for any loan and are experts at finding optimal options for you.

Not only did we get a great rate, but they even found an error where we had been overcharged in a previous transaction. No one had caught it before, but though their efforts we got several hundred dollars back - money we didn't realize we were owed! If you want to be pleasantly surprised with a smooth refinance at great rates, be sure to pay a visit to Myers Capital. 

Colin White